Palisade Fencing

Alberton Steel and Pipe branches stock a wide range of palisade fencing products, which are supplied to fencing contractors, installers and DIY markets.

Palisade fencing is an ever-popular solution to residential, commercial, municipal and industrial perimeter security needs. It offers both visual and physical deterrence; and, unlike other fencing solutions, palisade fencing maintains an amicable suburban façade. Furthermore, steel palisades are unparalleled in strength and therefore incredibly durable. Galvanisation ensures rust resistance and added longevity to the palisade panels.

We offer the following palisade-related products:

  • Steel Palisade Panels;
  • Steel Palisade Posts;
  • Steel Palisade Spikes;
  • Steel Gates;
  • Steel Palisade Gates;
  • Steel Pedestrian Gates;
  • Galvanised Palisade;
  • Security Fencing;
  • Security Gates; and
  • Concrete Mix.

We deliver palisade fencing within ± 6 hours as we are committed to superior customer service.

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